About Us


We grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa which allows us to rotate crops and improve the soil quality. Operated by Mark and Tyler Drewes, and a small team of full-time employees, Drewes farms considers itself a leader in agriculture and its surrounding community.

Improving farms is very important to us. We regularly apply commercial fertilizer or manure, according to Tri-State and 4R recommendations, fix broken down tile, and clean up tree lines and fence rows. In 2013 we made the commitment to do our own soil sampling. We typically sample fields in a 2.5 acre grids which allows us to truly understand  the condition of the soil and make the correct nutrient applications, if any are needed. We want to know the ins and outs of every field we farm so it can be made better for us and our land lords.

The technology in the agriculture sector is ever changing, and Drewes farms is on the cutting edge. Our tractors and combines utilize RTK technology which allows us to have sub-inch accuracy while operating in the fields, cutting down on soil compaction and overlapping. While planting we use a 20/20precision planting monitor, as well as automatic row shut offs. This will allows us to reduce overlapping in point rows and along creeks, and seed costs, by automatically shutting off row units once they hit an area that has already been planted. In addition we also operate the SMS Advanced farm software that helps us come to informed conclusions and decisions on a field by field basis.

Overall, we strive and have proven to be a successful and profitable farming operation. Focusing on the best farm practices and morals we return a high value to our business, landlords, families, and employees. We are constantly working to expand our knowledge and resources to stay atop of the ever changing agriculture industry.